5 Tips for How Struggling Homeowners in Foreclosure Can Remain Vigilant

National real estate indexes report that residential foreclosures have declined in recent months, But financially troubled homeowners still need to remain vigilant. Here are five items that continue to create confusion among homeowners facing foreclosure. 1. The right to a loan modification. Many states require residential lenders initiating a residential foreclosure to provide homeowners the […]
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When You Should Forgo Paying Your Creditor or Landlord

Credit card, loan and lease agreements contain terms that regulate the debtor / creditor or landlord / tenant relationship. Not surprisingly a large portion of these contracts are dedicated to the creditor’s or landlord’s rights in the event that the debtor or tenant defaults under the terms of an agreement. Unfortunately, a job loss, a […]
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8 Reasons Why a Rushed Real Estate Deal Still Requires Disclosures

With the recent spike in home sales, buyers and sellers alike are feeling the pressure to quickly close on their purchase transaction before mortgage rates go up and demand for new homes slip. But before rushing to “ink the deal,” understand that real estate professionals are required to provide written disclosures to their clients on […]
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5 Myths Buyers and Sellers Have When Working With a Real Estate Agent

“Mastery” means a highly developed skill in or knowledge of something. Some big thinkers believe that one cannot master anything until they have successfully performed a required task over 10,000 times. So it comes as no surprise that successful real estate sales people are those who have “mastered” the art of maneuvering the ever challenging […]
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