Drafting a property lease may seem like a simple process, but there are actually many legal considerations and legal regulations governing rental properties. Legal help is essential in many scenarios, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Whether you are a new landlord drawing up a lease for the first time or a tenant concerned about your rights, David’s 25+ years of experience can help you.


Residential leases encompass different types of properties, from large apartment complexes, to single family residences, to rooms or apartments located on a private property. Leases are legal documents that specify all terms of a property rental including, but not limited to, payment amounts and due dates, the length of the lease, the number of tenants, responsibilities for utilities, etc. For new landlords, drawing up a lease can be a difficult process. It is very important to ensure that your lease covers everything or you could be faced with problems down the road. After the lease has been signed, you will also need to make sure that your tenants make payments on time and comply with all aspects of the lease agreement. Hiring a real estate lawyer is essential for landlords – lawyers will not only draw up your lease for you, but they can help to enforce the lease terms.

If you are a residential tenant, it is important for you to know your rights. In most states, there are extensive laws that protect renters from being taken advantage of or treated unfairly by their landlords. There are also fair housing laws that protect potential tenants from being discriminated against due to race, gender, national origin, family status, disability, and marital status. If you believe that your landlord is acting illegally in terms of their enforcement of the lease or that you are being unfairly denied a property rental, you should contact a lawyer immediately. You have rights as a renter and David Soble can negotiate on your behalf.


Just like residential leases, commercial leases have extensive provisions (which are even more complex than residential leases). As a commercial landlord, there are many considerations when drawing up a lease. Generally, commercial leases are long-term, lasting several years. There is also much less standardization among commercial leases – businesses have more room to negotiate with their landlords on the terms of the lease and the laws governing commercial leases are much less specific. Therefore, it is even more essential to involve a lawyer when drafting this type of lease to ensure that everything is fair and that tenants comply with all aspects of the lease agreement. This also applies to commercial tenants – you may need a lawyer’s help to successfully negotiate the terms of the lease. You will need to make sure that the property meets your needs, that you can afford the rent and that the terms length of the lease is are reasonable.

Don’t attempt to draft your own lease – call David Soble at Proven Resource today for help from expert real estate lawyers.

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